Our History

Joe Knows Lunch was established in 1992 by husband & wife team Joel & Heather Siegel. Starting their culinary roots in Southern California as Siegel’s Sandwich and Catering Company Joel & Heather catered to many of your favorite TV shows & Movies of the 1980’s - the Incredible Hulk, Hillstreet Blues, Remington Steel, Charlie’s Angels, St. Elsewhere and many more! Siegel’s Sandwich & Catering Company was the second most out-dialed phone number at Universal studios, only being out-called by Universal’s New York Office! We were a favorite of the movie stars from the Incredible Shrinking Woman (with Lilly Tomlin), The Border (with Jack Nicolson), The Blues Brothers (with John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd) and ALL the Cheech & Chong Movies. John Belushi’s wife even edited one of our menus. Our second store (Dr. Deli & the Salad Queen) even had a cameo feature in the Greatest American Hero.

In 1985, after many successful years it was time to move closer to family and we made our way to Toronto, Canada and opened Dr. Deli & the Salad Queen, which operates today as one of the longest running restaurants in Toronto (over 30 years in the same location).


In 1991, tired of the cold, Joe & Heather moved the family to Coral Springs and in 1992 Joe Knows Lunch was born. Once again we have established one of the longest running independent restaurants in the Uptown Ft. Lauderdale Business area. Catering is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our friendly service & delicious fresh food.
Thank you for letting us feed you. We are only a phone call or click away!


Joe, Heather & Jessica


Monday8:00AM - 3:00PM
Tuesday8:00AM - 3:00PM
Wednesday8:00AM - 3:00PM
Thursday8:00AM - 3:00PM
Friday8:00AM - 3:00PM


6472 NW 5th Way SUITE JKL,


Fort Lauderdale, FL